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Some workshop Topics Which are very successful!

Mediation & Conflict Resolution
Growth Mindset
How to Deal with Difficult People & Situations
Emotional & Relational Intelligence
Mindfulness at Work
Leadership in Times of Crisis


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Online, 8 weeks of 3 hours per week live
CHF 2100.- (early bird)
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“Thanks to the MBSAT Training, I am able to calm down more easily.
As an expert in behavioral education I recommend anyone looking for self improvement to go for this course with Andrea.”
David Bonnavaud
Founder of Alter Ego Conseils,
Senior Trainer at Gustav Käser,
Participant in Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Training (MBSAT)
"MBSAT Training is really beneficial to realize how mindfulness meditation can help us to better make strategic decisions.
I really recommend the course and Andrea as a teacher, she is wonderful!"
Natacha Romano
International Senior Product Manager, Alcon
Participant in Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Training (MBSAT)
"I loved the MBSAT course delivered by Andrea.
A real journey into the present, awareness and your own mind."
Daniele Ticli
Associate Director Corporate Engagement, IMD
Participant in Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Training (MBSAT)
“Andrea is gifted at leading groups through incredibly deep content and practices with a very light and sensitive touch.
I will hear her voice in my head for years to come guiding my journey - and that is a good thing.”


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“Before working with Andrea, there was mainly a lack of confidence in managing conflicts for some our our leaders. Since the training, there is more confidence. Especially useful was this "safe" zone where colleagues from different departments were able to exchange and develop themselves as leaders all together. I very much liked Andrea's approach, her availability, the relevant examples shared and her continuous support.”
“Andrea conducts her sessions with the utmost professionalism, remaining, calm, supportive and empathic at all times, which is so important when discussing conflicts, where emotions can sometimes run high. All humans need to interact with other humans, and conflicts lurk at all junctures of life - for all of us. For this reason, I would recommend this course for absolutely everybody.”
Jacquie Lutz
Head of Career Services & Industry Relations,
Glion Institute of Higher Education
Participant in Conflict Management Training
“I liked the 3 step process and the interaction in the workshop. I liked the quotation used it has really resonated with me. Andrea was super friendly and kind. Open to listening if we would like to share but also careful to ensure everyone was comfortable.
Overall great workshop! One of my favourite ones I've ever attended.”
“The workshop provided by Andrea was a precious tool.
Our Senior Student Ambassadors were able to handle the tensions and conflicts occurring within their team in a healthy and professional way which allowed the members to trust each other and work better together to achieve their goals.
I would recommend Andrea to any individuals or collective groups aiming to develop their understanding of a conflict situation as well as the potential of development and collaboration that is hiding behind each conflict.”

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“Quelle expérience incroyable cette journée sur le Growth Mindset avec Andrea!
Beaucoup d’échanges, d’introspection et de mise en situation.
On repart de la formation avec une autre vision de soi et plein de bonnes choses à mettre en application.
La force de l’esprit a trouvé l’une de ses meilleures partisanes.
Merci, Andrea, pour ton écoute, ta sensibilité et tes conseils.”
Marc Boulay
Co-Founder, Le Poolp
Participant in Growth Mindset
“Interactive workshop, great with breakout rooms and discussions in plenum.

Great energy, motivating, clear communication and very engaging!”
“Fantastic topic and incredible session! Within the first minutes of the workshop, she had the powerful tool to transform my inner nervous and confused state to a calm, more clear and focused state of mind.
I am beyond grateful for her fantastic training! It changed my point of view and perception in a very positive way and contributed to a much calmer, clearer and peaceful mind! Her calm and peaceful way invites you to a safe and secure environment.”
“Andrea est une professionnelle hors pair des relations humaines.
Elle sait transmettre en douceur des notions cruciales pour mettre en oeuvre un esprit de croissance et de pleine conscience au travail.
Ses séminaires sont enrichissants. Nous avons beaucoup de plaisir de travailler avec elle.”
Arnaud Cachin
Responsable de Séminaires, PME Académie
Area Director Vaud, BNI Switzerland