V = Volatile
U = Uncertain
C = Complex
A = Ambiguous

Our current reality is shaped by an unprecedented level of complexity

Our VUCA world demands new skills of us. When we operate from a state of agitation, our decision-making skills are negatively impacted by cognitive biases and conditioned unhelpful beliefs which limit our ability to respond calmly and creatively to the ongoing challenges around us.

What if you could improve your decision-making and leadership skills to achieve clarity, calm, and authentic well-being?

The transformative training program called Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Training (MBSAT) helps you thrive and sharpen your strategic awareness so you can make more accurate predictions which leads to skilful decisions, which leads to sustainable and authentic well-being.
MBSAT is designed to help you effectively deal with challenges in your professional and personal lives. It provides transformational tools which lead to gains on all three levels: individual, team and organisation.
MBSAT is an (2.5-3 hours per week) drawing from mindfulness-based practices, social and behavioural sciences.


MBSAT benefits
What's included
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Live Training: 20 hours of live training in fixed group
1-1 Coaching: One session of 1-1 mindfulness coaching
Learning resources: Access to audio material and handbook
Format: Experiential learning with peers
For Whom: Corporate professionals, business leaders and individuals seeking to improve their decision-making skills
No prior knowledge required: Secular, non-clinical training,  particularly designed to for the workplace and for individuals confronting the daily challenges of an active life
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I loved the MBSAT course delivered by Andrea.
A real journey into the present, awareness and your own mind.

Daniele Ticli
Cameron Price
Art Director, Company


Satisfaction rate with MBSAT Training.


Participants surveyed say they increased their decision-making skills.
«As little as 15 minutes of meditation can actually help people make better, more profitable decisions»
INSEAD research study


Self-reported ability to be in the present moment


Participants surveyed say they increased their strategic awareness.
"If you’re fully present on the job, you will be a more effective leader, you will make better decisions and you will work better with other people”
Bill George,
Harvard Business School Professor
MBSAT Training is really beneficial to realize how mindfulness meditation can help us to better make strategic decisions. I really recommend the course and Andrea as a teacher, she is wonderful!

Natacha Romano
Cameron Price
Art Director, Company


Improve the quality of your decision-making.
Transform yourself to a mindful, effective leader.
Clarity & Calm
Develop mental clarity and Cut through the noise of today’s everso changing and complex environment.
Achieve authentic well-being
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Andrea is gifted at leading groups through incredibly deep content and practices with a very light and sensitive touch. I will hear her voice in my head for years to come guiding my journey - and that is a good thing.

Courtney Zurich
Cameron Price
Art Director, Company


Self-reported improvement to live with awareness and conscious choice (vs automatic pilot)


Participants surveyed say they improved their ability to allow things to be the way they are
«Practicing mindfulness can lower individuals’ stress responses to relational conflict after it has occurred»
Barnes et al., 2007


What is the difference between MBSAT and other mindfulness-based programs?
MBSAT differs markedly from other mindfulness-based programs given its secular orientation and practical, implementation-oriented approach. Its signature practices, terminology and language are designed specifically for an active, non-clinical target population.
What is the scientific basis of MBSAT?
The program combines Mindfulness and Computational Applied Neuroscience. Furthermore, it integrates the science of Positive Psychology, Behavioral Finance, Systems Dynamics, Behavioral Strategy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – CBT and Aikido principles. It was founded by Prof. Juan Humberto Young.
What will you learn?
Learn to generate mental clarity through practical tools and exercises.
Improve the quality of your decision-making.
Apply the MBSAT protocol in daily life.
You have never meditated before? Perfect!
There is no prior knowledge in mindfulness required for any of the courses or events. Even better, all you need is a curious mind and an openness for experiential learning.

Yes, I want to improve my decision-making and leadership skills to achieve clarity, calm, and authentic well-being!

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