CONFLICT coaching

What if you could regain clarity
even in absence of the other
conflict party?

Conflict Coaching with an experienced mediation expert can support you in conflict situations to get new perspective and insight. You will regain clarity on your options and will feel more equipped to get unstuck in a difficult situation.

1 session

May already be sufficient to solve your situation

100% discretion

Confidential and neutral sounding board
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Conflict coaching can help

Is that you?

You find yourself overwhelmed and agitated with the sheer complexity of a current conflict or tense situation and do not even know where to start or whom to involve.
You need fast access to an experienced conflict resolution expert to get help with your situation.
You need a confidential and neutral sounding board in relation to a conflict or tense situation (e.g. you feel "alone" with the conflict situation).
You wish to find a peaceful solution, but involving the other person(s) is not possible because the other side does not recognise the conflict, refuses to engage, or it is not safe for you to do so.
You are an HR representative and need quick to bounce off difficult issues in relation to conflicts that you are currently dealing with
You are head of an organization, CEO, business owner, manager or team leader, or occupy a similar high-stakes function in an organization, and your situation requires absolute discretion
You are a working professional and need support dealing with a work-related issue (employee, co-worker, hierarchy)
Private Individuals
You are a private individual facing conflict in a private matter (neighborhood, university, school)

ADVANTAGES of conflict coaching

fast & FLEXible
Availabilities on short notice
- ad hoc or regular support)
efficient & effective
Short, solution-focused
- one session may be sufficient
Specialized intervention by double-accredited conflict resolution expert
100% discretion
1:1 confidential and safe setting


What Conflict Coaching is not
o   Crisis Support
o   Therapy/Psychoanalysis/Counselling
o   Medical or legal advice
o   Social work
I may refer you to other specialists and colleagues should your situation require different support than what is offered within the scope of Conflict Coaching.
Does a conflict already have to be “hot”?
Conflict Coaching can help at almost any stage and escalation level of a conflict. The goal remains to avoid or minimize negative effects of conflict (conflict escalation, conflict avoidance, affecting your health/sleep/other areas of life). It can hence be used alongside other intervention and oftentimes as a great preparation for a difficult situation or even a mediation session.
What is the difference between conflict coaching and regular coaching?
Conflict Coaching is a specialized method of constructive conflict resolution by an experienced mediation expert. A 1:1 session provides a professional, effective, and confidential setting that helps you regain clarity, calm and confidence even in absence of the other conflict party. It differs quite substantively from others forms of regular coaching for a range of reasons, the two most important ones being:

o   Established working goal: In Conflict Coaching, the working goal/mandate is already predefined by the nature of the intervention, i.e. finding a better way to deal with a conflict. In a regular coaching setting, the working mandate will first have to be co- defined between you and your coach to establish which area(s) in your professional or personal life you wish to work on. As a consequence, we can get right to work and do not need to spend the same amount of time on preliminary questions.

o   Short, solution-focused intervention: As a conflict resolution practitioner with substantive training in short-term, solution-focused methods, it means that 1.) Interventions are intentionally shorter than other forms of 1:1 sessions as I focus on positive, future outcomes rather than reworking past issues; and 2.) that we may only need one session to get your situation solved versus signing you up for a long-term coaching contract of several months. (We can by all means arrange a longer-term working relationship, if needed).
How do I choose between working with a mediator vs working with a coach concerning my conflict?
An important note beforehand: There are wonderful coaches who provide a fantastic service for almost any topic (life coaches, business coaches, parenting coaches, etc.). In fact, I will be honored to refer you to the outstanding professionals in my own network!
Having said that, you may wonder why should I work with a mediator vs a coach regarding a conflict?

You may think of the following analogy: When your tooth is aching, would you go to a General Practicioner (GP) or to a specialised Dentist?

In other words, while a “generic” coach may still be a great resource person to consult (please do!), he/she will not have the tools, expertise and conflict resolution experience in that specific field (i.e. conflict resolution).

Hence, you may want to consider the following reasons for why choosing to work with an accredited conflict resolution expert for conflict coaching might be your best option:

o   Accreditations and quality standards: Neither “Coach” nor “Mediator” are protected professional titles in Switzerland. As a double-accredited mediator, I am fulfilling stringent quality standards of the accrediting bodies (SDM, SKWM) such as a proven mediation practice, regular training and supervision.

o   Experience and expertise in supporting conflict situations: Working with conflict parties 1:1 has always been an integral part of a mediator’s training and practice. In fact, a mediator regularly works with one party only (e.g. during preliminary sessions, in the context of shuttle mediations, caucus between joint sessions) and/or whenever the other party is not ableor willing to participate in a constructive conflict resolution.
I cannot find a convenient slot or need even faster support
You can enquire via the contact form or by phone (+41 78832 22 96) about additional availabilities. I can provide a complimentary one-off Conflict Coaching phone call of 15 minutes as a one-off, quick solution to your immediate conflict situation. Please remember that this is not a crisis support, but simply to allow to get unstuck.

in order to resolve conflict,
Sometimes 1:1 is precisely what IS needED

You want to quickly regain clarity, calm and confidence in relation to a conflict or tense situation in your professional or private sphere?

Yes, I want to solve my conflict in A Better Way!

You can directly book your Conflict Coaching Session here.

Not sure what is the best approach?

No problem! Get in touch and we will discuss your situation during a complimentary exploration call.